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Pandit / Pandita / Nana / Priest for Marriage

Before you happily starting scribbling a list of guests and giggling at how great you gift list will be though, you will need to organise a wedding ceremony that suits you both.Before you hot-foot it off to choose a marriage attire, you will need to make an appointment with your local priest or pandit to check he is willing to perform the ceremony.

pandit nana priest for wedding in bhubaneswar

Because a hindu wedding is a religious ceremony and one of the most important of the sixteen Hindu sanskars or sacraments. It is seen, not only as the bond between two people, but also the bond between two families.The main and most solemn ceremony of any Indian Wedding is Puja ceremony and there are several different customs and traditions.These customs and traditions have been an integaral part of Indian weddings for thousands of years Priest or Pandit is an integral part of every wedding. For Hindu wedding, the wedding priest has to be a Brahmin.Depending your personal beliefs, you can select the Pandit of you choice, either from your own home town or we can help put you in touch with our local Pandit.

We at Bahaghara Weddings Planner arranges priest for those looking forward to a traditional Indian wedding. We have local Pandits here.We will be happy to assist you in this matter.

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