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Marriage procession / Baraat

baraat procession

The day & event of marriage is a singular moment in the history of person, marking a new beginning for years. And, as the earth turns, many millions of people in many lands celebrate in extraordinary ways; the gift of life, and the endless stream of time.

Weddings are joyous occasions with plenty of music, dance, partying and merry-making.Since most marriages are performed at night, the venue is filled with colourful lights, buntings and other decorative items. The marriage procession starts from the groom's house. In ancient times this ritual has been the important ritual during the Welcome of any special guest, wedding processions or Doli procession and in today's time the same has been mixed with the modern technology as the Procession uses Electric Lamps in place of Oil lamps or Mashal, It is preceded by a band which plays all the latest tunes. The bandsmen are all dressed in uniform. A number of petromax carrying men also move along with the procession.the wedding procession, 'The most lively part of the ceremonies is the wedding procession. In it the grown is taken to the bride's house. It is most colorful and beautiful sight.The, procession is led by' a brass band and dancers. Some marriage processions also have fire-works display.

We have special processioin experts who can design special procession themes. We will provide the Drummers, Musicians, Bands, Dancers, mobile flower canopies, perfume sprays, Fireworks, Palanquin etc to make your dream come true. Also we can arrange police permit for Baraat/marriage procession.


Q. Who is authorized to grant of licenses for processions?

Ans. DCP, Cuttack and DCP, Bhubaneswar are authorized to grant licences for processions in their respective jurisdictions.

Q. Is there any prescribed format for applying for a licence procession ?

Ans. There is no prescribed format. An applicant can either submit a plain paper application or an application written on the letter head of his/her organization.

Q. What are the required documents/information which have to be submitted when applying for such a license ?

Ans. The following information has to be submitted:-

i. Full name and address, contact no ( telephone and cell phone) of the individual applying for the licence.

ii. Date and time of the proposed procession.

iii. The route which the procession proposes to take.

iv. Approximate number of persons expected to take part in the said procession.

v. Approximate duration of the proposed procession.

vi. Accompaniments like loudspeaker, music, band, dance troops, traditional equipment, religions symbols etc.

Q. What are the conditions generally prescribed while granting licence for procession?

Ans. The following general conditions are prescribed:-

i. The licence and the licensee shall remain with the procession throughout and the licence shall be produced on demand by a Police Officer of or above the rank of Havildar.

ii. The date, time and route stated in the licence shall be strictly adhered to.

iii. This licence does not permit playing of music or the performance of any act in such a manner as to amount to a public nuisance.

iv. The procession shall proceed continuously at a reasonable pace from its starting point to its destination without stopping at place other than specified.

v. The procession will move in such a manner as not to interfere with the ordinary use of the street or highway by the public. It will keep to the left hand side of the road and cease playing music and making other loud noise when passing a hospital/school and when meeting or passing a restive animal either ridden or driven and on passing private house when it has been made know to the licensee that there is any person dangerously ill therein.

vi. No fireworks (except mahatabs) shall be discharged on any public road, without proper license .

vii. No 'lathis' or other dangerous weapons may be carried by any one in the procession without obtaining special permission for the same thereof.

viii. Restrictions on use of loudspeaker, music, dance troops, band traditional equipments etc, if imposed shall be followed.

ix. Order of the Hon'ble High Court and the licencing authority specifically regarding decibel level of loudspeakers and use of firecrackers etc. shall be strictly complied.

Q. What is the penalty for violation of the aforementioned terms and conditions ?

Ans. Whoever disobeys, opposes or fails to conform to the conditions of the license can be penalized with a fine which may extend to INR 500/- U/s 99 of OUP Act-2003, besides stoppage of the procession and other legal action.

Q. What is the procedure for grant of such licence ?

Ans. The applicant has to apply to the office of the concerned DCP. The application is sent to the concerned P.Ss for verification. On receipt of verification report both from the IIC of the concerned P.S. and the zonal ACP, the same is further scrutinized in the Office of DCP before grant of license or otherwise.
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