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Wedding Catering

For everyone going to a wedding, apart from seeing the bride and groom tie the knot, the second most important thing about the day is the food. Food can often make, or break, a wedding. This one thing we can guarantee is that a Blistering wedding will be different and an experience that will be talked about long after the day is over.Our experienced caterer can deal with all of your catering needs and offer you delicious and artfully displayed selections. They can also give you great ideas on stretching your reception budget.The wedding catering will affect every guest at your wedding - and each one of them will have an opinion on it.

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Secondly,Wedding catering is likely the biggest expense for just about any wedding.Food and beverage, often eating up more than half of your wedding budget, is a big decision The price you will have to pay will depend on a variety of factors. And the type of service and quality of service you receive from a wedding catering company will vary greatly as well. You can however find an affordable wedding catering service that actually serves good food with us

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Hiring your wedding caterer is a key part of the planning and is equally as important as your choices for the wedding and reception venues.If you are hoping to engage wedding caterers for your wedding, you're at the right place. We have showcased some of the top rated wedding caterers in Bhuaneswar and feature some of the top rated new wedding catering ideas to choose from.

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A number of details must come together to treat your guests to an extraordinary wedding menu. There is a lot to know before you hire your wedding caterer and start planning your catering . This guide will help you find the right wedding caterer to plan your wedding menu, teaching you what questions to ask and offering inspiring ideas.

There's something to suit every budget and style, plus 10% discount when you book through us.

Bahaghara Catering Bhubaneswar

Bahaghara Catering

The Bahaghara Catering Company is the local premier catering company in Bhubaneswar, providing a consistently first class service, catering for all events from intimate dinner parties to expensive wedding parties for over 200 guests. Whether your preference is for the subtle or sublime, Bahaghara catering can cater for you with a personal service, inventive style, impeccable quality and delectable food which guarantees you will enjoy your Wedding or event as much as your guests do.

At Bahaghara Catering we know how important your special event is and that's why we ensure that our staffs are fully trained to assist and guide you through the planning of your event.

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Catering Menu - Bahaghar Catering Bhubaneswar

Welcome Drinks
Cold Drinks (v)
Mocktail (v)
Jal-Zeera (v)
Badam Milk (v)
Fruit Juice (v)
Thandai (v)
Lassi (v)
Fruit Punch (v)
Veg Hot n Sour Soup (v)
Veg Mushroom n Sweet Corn Soup (v)
Lemon n Coriander Soup (v)
Tomato Soup (v)
Veg Clear Soup (v)
Veg Sweet Corn Soup (v)
Veg Manchow (v)
Chicken Clear Soup
Chicken n Sweet Corn Soup
Chicken Hot n Sour Soup
Chicken Manchow
Crab Meat Soup
Prawn Soup
Gup Chup / Pani Puri (v)
Aloo Tikki Chat (v)
Papdi Chat (v)
Green Peas Chat (v)
Dahi Vada n Aloo Dum (v)
Veg Spring Roll (v)
Veg Gold Coin (v)
Paneer Pakora (v)
Mushroom Pakoda (v)
Veg Cutlet (v)
Punjabi Pakoda
Chicken Pakoda
Prawn Golden Coin
Fish Finger
Fish Cutlet
Mutton Chop
Plain Rice (v)
Lemon Rice (v)
Kishmish Rice (v)
Hyderabadi Pulao (v)
Curd Rice (v)
Doodh Rice (v)
Veg Biriyani (v)
Jeera Rice (v)
Veg Fried Rice (v)
Tomato Rice (v)
Peas Pulao (v)
Mixed Fried Rice
Plain Dal (v)
Dal Fry (v)
Chana Dal Fry (v)
Dal Makhni (v)
Black Dal Maharani (v)
Garlic Naan (v)
Butter Naan (v)
Lachha Paratha (v)
Chena Paratha (v)
Rumali Roti (v)
Baby Kulcha (v)
Dosa (v)
Chakuli Pitha (v)
Chilla (v)
Soyabean Tikka (v)
Paneer Tikka (v)
Veg Panchguni (v)
Fish Tikka
Prawn Tikka
Chicken Tikka
Veg Curry
Veg Kurma (v)
Mix Veg Chhanka (v)
Navratna Kurma (v)
Shahi Kurma (v)
Veg Jhal Fry (v)
Veg Jaipuri (v)
Veg Hyderabadi (v)
Veg Tawa Fry (v)
Potala Kurma/Rasa (v)
Aloo Gobi Mutter (v)
Chilly Gobi (v)
Kashmiri Aloo Dum (v)
Stuffed Capsicum (v)
Stuffed Bhindi (v)
Malai Kofta (v)
Mushroom Besara (v)
Chilly Mushroom (v)
Mushroom Baby Corn (v)
Mushroom Do Pyaja (v)
Chily Paneer (v)
Paneer Punjabi Masala (v)
Paneer Pasand (v)
Paneer Butter Masala (v)
Kadai Paneer (v)
Paneer Raita (v)
Fried Paneer Butter Masala (v)
Mutter Paneer (v)
Veg Manchurian (v)
Nov-Veg Curry
Fish Fry
Fish Amritsari
Fish Kalia
Fish Patrapoda
Chilly Fish
Chicken Butter Masala
Chilly Chicken
Chicken Hyderabadi
Chicken Kurma
Chicken Sahajani
Mutton Curry
Mutton Rogan Josh
Postak Mutton
Pista Mutton
Dudh Mutton
Mutton Hariali
Prawn Malai
Kaju Prawn
Chilly Prawn
Crab Masala
Chenna Payas (v)
Kheer Sagar (v)
Chenna Malpua (v)
Ambrit (v)
Jalebi (v)
Ras Malai (v)
Sita Bhog (v)
Rasabali (v)
Gazar Halwa (v)
Gulab Jamun (v)
Ice Creams (5 Types) (v)
Salad, Papad, Raita, Chutney
Tomato, Khajur, Kismish Chutney (v)
Pinaple Chutney (v)
Plastic Chutney (v)
Mixed Fruit Jelly (v)
Mixed Raita (v)
Green Salad (v)
Russian Salad (v)
Mixed Fruit Salad (v)
Gaja Muga (v)
Papad (4 types) (v)
Pickles (4 types) (v)
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Customer Reviews:- About our Catering in Bhubaneswar

Just wana say that thank you very much for the catering you provided us with today. it looked beautiful and went down very well with our visitors.''Bahaghara Catering Services'' You all must have worked very hard to make it look so good, and delivered on time to the minute. It was very much appreciated. Thanks again.

Five Star Rating
Ruby Behera, Jajpur

'' Bahaghara Catering food was superb and formed a very important part of the whole wedding party of ours. It was a really wonderful evening. you all looked so welcoming - there was a great atmosphere and the food was exquisite …even better than anticipated…. "

Five Star Rating
Satya Chattoi,sundargad.....

" The food was amazing, everything taste home made food with the look of a 5 star restaurant. Great food, great service and presentation....Big thank to Bahaghara Catering in Bhubaneswar for doing my event, my guest luved every part of it "

Five Star Rating
Rekha Das, Cuttack

" Many thanks for all your help with the catering arrangements by Bahaghara Catering, Bhubaneswar for the Open Day. We had many complimentary comments about the food. The day went really well and appears to have been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who came. My thanks again for your part in making it a success. "

Five Star Rating
Ravi Ray, BBSR

" I would like to say a massive thank you to all. Bahaghara Catering Services Bhubaneswar's wonderful staff who worked like Trojans at our wedding party. You have never failed to impress us with your professionalism and I look forward to using you for our next event. "

Five Star Rating
Swati, Berhampur

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